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Thanks for checking out A Painted House!  This site was created to record all the fabulous, mediocre, and disasterous decorating projects I undertake in my family’s new home.  I’m a novice DIY-er, so there are guaranteed to be plenty of examples of each.   I spend a lot of time in my painting pants (hence the blog title) because a) I’m a messy painter, b) I believe you can paint almost anything, and c) there were 7 periwinkle blue rooms in this house when we bought it. 

You’ll also find updates on our life with two small boys, my attempts at being crafty (as in being creative, not devious), thoughts about our faith, and a healthy dose of  my addiction to garage saling.

Those of you coming over from my former blog may find that some of my first posts looks familiar.  I’m going to attempt to move over all home-decor related posts, so please bear with me.  (And don’t feel like you need to read them again.)   I broke out my painting pants for the first time today since giving birth six weeks ago, so there are new projects on the horizon!


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