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I have a ton of ’em. 

  • I have a garage sale in three days to prepare for.
  • I have two letters to my boys, one for each, to write.
  • I have pictures to take of no less than five projects that have been completed.
  • I have projects to complete.
  • I have a three-year-old now who has turned on the attitude like none other.  Let’s just say adequately responding to it is keeping me….occupied.
  • I’m working on a design project for a client.
  • My baby has a dirty diaper.  Again.
  • My kitchen table is covered in stuff that needs to be put away.
  • It’s been nice outside two whole days out of the last week.
  • We celebrated Easter.
  • My biggest boy isn’t napping so well these days.
  • We’re potty training.
  • I have thank-you notes to write.

All reasons why this blog has been rather cricket-y lately.  I sincerely hope that will improve soon.  Now off to change that dirty diaper.


I hate unloading the dishwasher (though thankful to have one, as we didn’t for our first several married years) so instead how about a bullet post?  I think so.

  • Point of order:  we paid off a chunk of debt this week!  SO exciting to watch that balance drop to $0.00.   Only med school and the house left to go. 😉
  • THE SUN IS OUT!   That is all.
  • We leave tomorrow for my parents’ house!  I’m so stinkin’ excited to get out of town a bit.  We haven’t left the city limits since September of last year.  Having a winter baby = hibernation.
  • I haven’t packed yet.  As we’ll be gone five days and we’re taking four people, two of which are under the age of three, I’m considering just stuffing the entire house into one of those extra large vaccuum seal bags and calling it a day.
  • If only we’d bought the standard length van instead of the shorter one.
  • James has been counting down the days for two weeks.  Fourteen sleeps.  We don’t tell him we’re going somewhere until the day of to avoid just that experience, as he still doesn’t have much of a sense of time, but somehow he knew that this trip was coming.  Fourteen days of, “Should we go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house today?”   But now there’s only ONE sleep left.  And it’s all he can talk about.  He’s walking around the house changing, “Just ONE sleep left.  Just ONE sleep left.”
  • We made it through a haircut last night with NO crying.  You have no idea what an accomplishment this is.  James was born with a lot of hair and by ten months either he had to have his first haircut or I needed to invest in some (manly) barrettes.  He’s been screaming, writhing and snotting his way through haircuts ever since.  It’s really just such a pleasure; not at all embarrassing when your toddler acts, in public, as if the hairdresser is cutting off his ears.  But last night we revisited a sweet girl who lets James spray her squirt bottle at the mirror the entire time she’s cutting.  And gives him stickers, asks him questions, and still manages to give him a decent haircut.  Thank God for you, Kayla.  My Public Embarrassment quotient just went down.
  • And I could use the help, because I dropped a gallon of milk in the grocery store yesterday and it cracked open.  Milk, everywhere.   
  • Baby E turns four months next week.  WHERE is time going?  He’s doing a ton of funny and adorable things but I’ll save them for his four month letter.
  • What he’s NOT doing?  Sleeping through the night.  Or more than three hours in a stretch, ever.  Unlike the half dozen other babies we know born after him who sleep hours and hours.   Just, Ack. 
  • Mental note:  never, ever, ever buy a used Boppy pillow.  I have a fairly eager eater and he still decides to look up and smile at me just as his breakfast really lets down in force.   Again, with the milk, everywhere. 
  • If I’d taken him to the store with me yesterday I could totally have blamed it on him.  He owes me.  (See:  the not sleeping at night.)
  • There is a tent in my Reading Room, Hot Wheels and a changing table in my dining room, a play kitchen and a bouncy seat in my kitchen, a plat mat and swing in my living room, bath toys in my tub, a pack-n-play in my bedroom, and train tracks, a slide, and an airplane rocker my basement.   We may pay the mortgage on this house but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t belong to us.
  • I gave up chocolate for Lent this year.  I know, predictable and cliche.  But it’s my first year trying it so I decided to start with something small.   Except we’re introducing potty training to James and our motivation at the moment is M&Ms.  If he goes potty he gets three M&M’s…and therefore by extension each time I go during the day he thinks I should get to have three M&M’s.  He’s made the connection between the action and the reward and gets SO excited for me.   How exactly does one explain to a toddler that a Lenten sacrifice takes precedence over a pottytime reward for someone whose been pottying for twenty-eight years?   So I’ve given up chocolate for Lent, except when I’m busted in the act of pottying.
  • I bet God understands.
  • Why must there always be a title?  How am I supposed to title a post that is by definition, a bunch of random junk?
  • Our kids totally tag-teamed us this morning.  From 5:00 on we heard a complaint of some kind from one or the other every. twenty. minutes. You know, just far enough apart that you can drift back off to sleep before a random screech sends your heartrate through the roof.  Travis typically fields distress calls from James and I handle all things Edison, so at 6:00 we were both laying awake wondering aloud to each other how they managed to coordinate their timing to ensure that NO ONE SLEEPS.  Stinkers.
  • My baby just took a full feeding for the first time in four days.  And then promptly fell deeply asleep for a morning nap.  Ahhh.  I have no idea what has been his problem but hopefully this signals the end of the I’m on a Diet So I’ll Just Have a Small Snack Every Three Hours, Thanks portion of our month.
  • That probably means I should be showering, not blogging.  Ehh.
  • I let James watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse solely so I can watch him do the hot dog dance at the end.  Kid’s got moves.
  • Also, the Where is Warehouse Mouse? segment of Imagination Movers always follows MMC and I derive great amusement watching my kid yell and point, “HE’S RIGHT THERE!” at the screen when they can’t find him even though he’s in PLAIN SIGHT.
  • Apparently I do NOT need another cup of coffee, as I’m plenty wound up.
  • Had some old friends and some new friends over to watch the Superbowl last night.  We love having the room to comfortably entertain a group without requiring anyone to sit on anyone else’s lap or having to yell over our children (thank you, play room).
  • Bummed though that football is over, as I couldn’t care less about basketball or baseball.
  • I’m thankful for a Monday morning with no plans, freshly bathed children, clean laundry, and a moderately clean house.  I feel like I’m three steps ahead going into my week.
  • We’re debating how to handle James’ birthday this year.  We did a big party for his first and just grandparents for his second.  I’m not sure if we want to get into the routine of a friends party every other year, or just wait until he’s five and has friends from school to invite.   No party between ages one and five does seem like a long time, but he certainly won’t know or care at this age.  Especially since the friends we’d invite, he sees on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Ok, really must shower now. 
  • And then (Teaser Alert!) take pictures of my latest room redo for a post later this week.
  • Happy Monday!

I think it’s time for my first bullet list of the new blog.  (For those new readers, bullet lists are my lazy way of stringing together a bunch of random information about our life and pretending it constitutes a real post.  Try it, it’s great.  You don’t even have to make real sentences with all those nouns and verbs and junk.)

  • I’m ready to break up with winter.  The relentless snow, being housebound because I can’t quite summon the wherewithall to schlepp two boys out in the elements, James having his second full-blown cold in as many months….
  • I.am.so.over.it.
  • And that kid really, really needs to stop wiping his snotty nose on the new couch. Or I might have to stuff tissues up there as a preventative measure.  Just sayin’.
  • Oh yeah, we got a new couch!  Post coming about that.
  • I really need to be done buying Christmas decor on super-duper-schmooper (thank you, Sid) clearance.  It’s kind of getting ridiculous.  But this is a much bigger house and when I got out the Christmas boxes this year I realized how little there was to spread around.  So I’ve been picking up things here and there for 50-80% off and building my inventory for next year.  Here’s hoping when I get it all out next year it actually comes together into some kind of cohesive holiday look and not like Christmas threw up all over my house.
  • Edison turns two months old tomorrow.  Which means I need to get writing another letter.  Where is time going, wasn’t he just born?
  • I’m afraid to admit it, but I’m kind of liking the new judges on American Idol.  I know, I know, I said I wasn’t giong to watch it this year after last year’s boringfest.  What of it?
  • But does anyone else get the feeling that the celebrities who judge these shows aren’t as nice in real life as they pretend to be when they’re on TV?   I bet when the cameras turn they treat people totally differently.
  • I’m undertaking two painting projects simultaneously, the upstairs and main floor bathrooms.  Why not just do one and finish it before starting the other?  I have no idea.  I tend to start projects when it sounds like fun and I’m excited about it, otherwise it’s just work.  And I’m really excited about painting both of the bathrooms.   I finally found a shower curtain I like for one and a bathroom rug I like for the other, which led to picking colors which led to me wearing my painting pants again.
  • Aaaaaand, it’s snowing again.  Gah.
  • I’ve been trying to find time to shove some regular exercise back into my life.   I have 8 pounds left to lose for my pre-Edison weight and 18 pounds left to lose to reach my pre-James weight.  But the aforementioned lack of regular napping is doing me in.  I made it a whole 5 minutes and 6 seconds on the exercise machine the other day before I had a fussy baby to tend to.  20 minutes and five more times of hopping off to deal with one child or the other, I gave up.
  • I’ve been somewhat more successful at fitting some quiet time with God back into my morning.  It’s by no means every morning yet, but at least half of the time I am able to settle both boys, retreat to my Reading Room chair, and spend at least a few minutes in my Bible.   It feels great.
  • Have I mentioned that I’m over winter?  I can’t wait to become reaquainted with our back yard.  I spent all of last summer growing increasingly pregnant so wasn’t able to do the running and climbing and playing with my boy that I’d like.  I’m so looking forward to this summer and my renewed mobility.

And there you have it, a random, nonsensical, bullet list update!  By the way, I can’t take credit for the genius that is the bullet list post.  That goes to Jess at These Grapefruit Spoons.  Check her out, she’s  fabulous and entertaining and one of those few people in life I wish lived right next door.

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