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Dear Edison,

Happy, happy second birthday sweet boy!  This year your birthday happened to fall on Thanksgiving Day, making it pretty much the most awesome holiday of the year.  It seems fitting that your birthday should fall on a Big Food Day, my boy who loves to eat.  Not only was there superbly yummy food and pie and Grandma and Grandpa and presents all in one day, but also CAKE!  And if there’s one thing you know about birthdays, Edison, it’s that they come with cake.  Daddy went up to rescue you from your bed while I was busy stuffing the turkey, and when he brought you down to the kitchen and together we said, “Happy birthday, Edison!”, you eagerly replied, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAKE!”  And then you pointed directly to the one present visible on the kitchen island, the one I’d wrapped late the night before and left out, and said firmly, “Mine open present.”  It seems you have this birthday thing down.

That present, by the way, was from James and has become one of your most treasured possessions.  Just in case enough time passes that we forget where Mack the truck came from, I’ll record it here.  That way when the two of you are trying to tar and feather each other as pre-teens, we’ll remember that act of goodwill and love.  Who knows, maybe it will save James’ hide at a pivotal moment when you have the full bucket of mud perched just-so over his head.

This month was a pretty big deal for you Edison, as it involved your first experience with air travel and the fulfillment of a childhood dream you’re not even old enough to concieve, a trip to Disney World.  We wouldn’t have normally taken you to Disney World at quite such a young age, but Grandma and Grandpa were able to go with us and we figured your penchant for taking to the open road would be better managed with four sets of adult eyes watching you.  You were beautifully behaved on our vacation, Edison.  You (mostly) eagerly rode the rides, though who can blame you for being wary about heading skyward in a flying elephant, seemed fascinated by the oversized characters from your favorite TV shows, and contentedly rode in your stroller and took in all the childhood wonder around you.  We could not have asked for a better vacation, which feels like a true achievement for a family with two members young enough that their first instinct when unhappy is to lay down in the middle of the road and dare the world to step over them.  I’m thankful to report we didn’t have so much as a hint of such a display while in Mickey Mouse’ stomping grounds.  It would have been really embarrassing to have to be escorted out by someone in a Goofy costume.

One last big two-year-old right of passage to mention; a few days ago you made the jump from crib to a big boy bed.  I’d love to say this was a smooth, seamless transition but alas, big boy beds always seem to be accompanied by big boy opinions that promptly observing bedtime is SO for babies.  So your Dad and I once again have taken up the ritual of relentlessly putting you back to bed and emphasizing that tucked under the covers is where you should stay until further notice.  By the way, this is not a family effort…..your brother is absolutely no help in this particular area.  We often find he has covertly entered your room for some post-bedtime playing, which never seems to end well for either of you,  but doesn’t deter him from trying.  Once, in a particularly poorly received effort at brotherly cooperation, he busted you out of your room in the pre-dawn and escorted you downstairs while we, your parents, were still soundly sleeping.  This delighted you.  We were not as amused but the two of you did get bonus points for Playing Well Together.

All that to say, that on this Thanksgiving Day I’m so very, very thankful for you.  My sweet second son, you’ve been a bigger blessing than we ever imagined you could be.  You’ve brought joy and laughter to this family and filled in all the gaps we didn’t know we had.

Love, Mama

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