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Dear Edison,

We’ve made it to twenty-three months!   One of the highlights of this month is the complete pleasure of hearing you pick and choose your way through the alphabet, skipping over the letters you don’t care for with reckless abandon and selecting others as important enough to mention.  Sometimes twice. Precious.

I think more than anything else, this month will be remembered for your overwhelming preoccupation with cups.  Yes, cups.  We’ve previously discussed your devotion to snacks so it stands to reason that your love would transfer to the vessels that hold them.  Every time you request and are granted some kind of snack, be it grapes or cheese crackers or raisins, your first job is to go get a cup to hold your portion.  And thus, you’ve become increasingly attentive to the cup bin placed conveniently enough, in a lower cabinet where you can sift through them at will.  But you don’t limit your cup usage to just food, Edison.  You raid the cup stash at least a dozen times per day, carrying one with you at all times.  Sometimes they contain a small series of matchbox cars.  Sometimes a spare sock or random puzzle pieces.  And then you leave them all over the house like so many little hidey-holes for your treasures.  So I smile to myself as I tour through the house each night and collect all your treasures, emptying the contents and putting a dozen ormore cups back into the bin so that tomorrow, you might have the pleasure of retrieving and filling them once again.

I’m going to just come out and admit that this letter is being written late enough that Halloween has passed.  And Edison, your enjoyment of the holiday was adorable enough to warrant that admission just so I can write about it here.  You were a monkey this year, reusing  the costume that your brother wore at about this age.  But unlike his second Halloween, you benefited from having said older sibling to follow around in a real, full trick-or-treating experience.  So your little monkey with his banana basket happily traipsed his way from house to house for almost an hour, carefully selecting just one piece of candy from each outstretched dish and then unprompted, reciting a “thank you” before moving on.  It.was.darling.  And I was so proud of you, both for braving the cold weather and for your unprecedented toddler politeness.  It makes up for all the times you’ve stolen someone else’s snack cup, hidden in a corner, and devoured its entire contents before someone could find and stop you.

If there’s been one drawback to this month it’s been the onset of Sickie Season.  It’s becoming apparent that October is doomed to be an annual black mark on the Casper family history.   This is our second consecutive October where both you and James contract several consecutive or simultaneous illnesses.  We’re making plans to just go underground next year and hide for the month, groundhog-style.  After all, when’s the last time you met a ground hog with a cold?  Your version of this year’s germ cocktail included double ear infections, an upper respiratory infection complete with a hacking cough, which inevitably led to croup.  Awesome.   Your Dad and I hate, hate, hate to see you sick, little one.  We always wish that we could assume your illness on ourselves and leave you healthy and energetic as always.  And someday when you’re able to understand, we will likely use that very situation to explain to you how Jesus came and assumed the ultimate sickness on your behalf so you could truly, completely be made whole again.  But for now we’ll just do our best to rock you to sleep each time you wake at night, supply your favorite purple medicine on time, and keep you in an ample supply of television shows and mandarin oranges.  Serve, of course, in a cup.

Love, Mama

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