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Dear Edison: Month Thirteen

Posted on: January 16, 2012

Dear Edison,

You’re well into your thirteenth month.  I’m usually a bit more prompt in writing your letter but your thirteen month birthday fell three days before Christmas and in all the hoopla surrounding the holidays I’m just now sitting down to get caught up.  This was technically your second Christmas but the first for which you were awake most of the day.  Your favorite part of Christmas this year was far and away, the Christmas tree.   We’d no sooner put an ornament on the lower third of the tree and you’d reach up and yank it down.  To tell the truth your Dad and I found this endless cycle, James decorating only the bottom third (as it’s all he could reach) and you just as determinedly and systematically un-decorating it, to be hilarious but it seemed prudent after a while to put a stop to the madness before James’ head exploded.  To keep you away from the tree, and thus prevent you from climbing it like a cat, your Dad constructed a just-tall-enough baby gate for the oversized doorway between the dining room and the reading room.  I thought for sure you’d throw a royal fit at being barred from a whole room of the house but you took it in stride.  In fact it became a favorite pastime to carry small objects over to the gate and then throw them over and out of reach.   Had I widened the scope of all those pretty pictures I took of the tree the frame would have included three puzzle pieces, two Hotwheels cars, a half dozen foam alphabet letters, and a bottle brush strewn over the floor.  If ever there were a more truthful picture of life with a mobile baby I don’t know what it would be.

The major news since your birthday is that you took your first independent steps.  As luck (and sentiment) would have it, you chose to take them in the same room in which your brother took his first steps.  We were visiting Grandma and Grandpa Casper just after your birthday and you tottered a few inches across the living room of the 100-year-old Casper family homestead.  Edison, I know there was no way that was a conscious choice on your part, to mark that particular milestone in that particular location, but just indulge me and let this sentimental Mama believe that you might turn out to be my history-conscious kid.  You know, the one who displays old family photos, stores hand-written recipes in a box somewhere, and keeps track of the Casper family history.  But, should this little dream of raising a sentimental kid come true, promise me you won’t take it to the level of a hoarder.  I mean it’s one thing to keep my Grandma’s recipe for meatballs because a) it’s written in her handwriting and b) they’re stinkin’ delicious; it’s another to keep a tube of Chapstick that your Dad used to leave in the glove compartment of his car.  Just so you know the difference.

Edison, I would be remiss if I let this letter go by without mentioning a little habit you’ve developed.  And frankly, it’s weird.  When most kids get tired they rub their eyes or pull on their ears; when you’re tired you’ve taken to pinching the skin on your neck between your first finger and thumb.  See?  Weird.  But for some reason it’s also really adorable.  You’ve always been cuddly and your slim little frame is perfect for snuggling up right under my chin, head on my shoulder.  But it’s just that much cuter when you cuddle in to my side and then without fail, reach your hand up and gently pinch your own neck.   Edison, please don’t ever try to play professional poker because with a tell like that, you’ll lose your shirt.

I think it’s safe to say, a little over a month into being one year old, that I love this age.  One year olds are sweet and curious and happy and wildly entertaining.  And I especially love this age on you, Edison.  Your gregarious nature, eager smile, and that fast crawl you do when you just can’t get to me fast enough make me wish that we could somehow skip the future, more contrary age of Three and instead do an extra year of One.  You are much loved, my little neck pincher.

Love, Mama


1 Response to "Dear Edison: Month Thirteen"

a) way to go walkin’ in the same spot as james!
2) he pinches his neck?!? oh, too cute!
iii) if you figure out a way to skip three, i’m all ears!

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