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My project hates me.

Posted on: January 11, 2012

How to drive yourself crazy with a project that was supposed to be fairly simple, if a bit time consuming:

1.  Decide you want a ginormous gallery wall of family pictures.

2.  Stalk your local Goodwill  on 50% off days, raid your Mom’s basement, and eventually collect 58 frames.

3.  Disassemble 58 frames for painting.

4.  Have a stroke of genious and number each frame and its corresponding glass/innards for easy reassembly later.

5.  Lay out all 58 frames on the garage floor.

6.  Spray paint 50 frames and then run out of paint.

7.  Make a special trip to the hardware store.  Buy an extra can just in case.

8.  Paint a second coat to cover all those places missed the first time around.  Watch in irritation as the paint on 55 out of 58 frames bubbles up in one place or another.

9.  Don’t panic.  Let them dry overnight and hope it will be better in the morning.

10.  Hand-sand 55 frames with steel wool to remove cracked paint.

11.  Attempt to touch up the sanded spots on a half dozen frames with your final can of paint.

12.  Feel like screaming when the paint not only bubbles up again, this time it’s worse.  Wonder if perhaps you’ve managed to accumulate 58 frames with some form of Frame Cancer.  Or Paint Repellant Syndrome.



13.  Give up.  Chuck the entire pile in the garage and call it a night.

Moral of the story:  Always, always, always prime before you paint.  Just, ACK.


9 Responses to "My project hates me."

oh, wow, I think I would do the same.. and pull them out in a few months when I get the guts to try again. lol I keep telling myself to follow all the steps and not try to shortcut at all. Priming has become a staple for me, hopefully I don’t relapse anytime soon and try to do without it. 🙂

I know, I’ve gotten lazy about it. I managed to get away without priming for a couple of projects in a row….and look what happens. Let this be a lesson to us all. 😉

Oh BOY! Well, I’ve certainly had some home projects go south. This looks to be one of those. So are you going to sand, prime and repaint???? After collecting all those frames, it’s a shame to not use them. I vote for you to take a few days off and start over. It will work better next time! Then I want to see pictures.

I’m definitely not giving up….I have a backup plan. I will wait until after the shower I’m hosting on Sunday is over then get them back out, sand, and probably hand-paint a final coat on with craft or latex paint. Basically the black spray paint (that managed to stick) will serve as my primer. 🙂

good plan. i had zilch trouble with craft paint on mine. what kind of shower are you hosting? FUN!

It’s a baby shower, for a baby girl. Squeeee! I never get to do stuff for baby girls, it seems everyone I know has boys. It’s going to be a pink-a-polluza. 😀

Do you remember the our kitchen on Victoria St? I peeled of 3 layers of wall paper, did 2 coates of a grey primer, then did 3 coates of the dark red, and when we woak up the next morning, the walls were covered in bubbles!!!!

OH MY WORD. Did you cry? I would have cried.

may you maintain your sanity as you continue w/ this project.
that probably woulda made me swear.

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