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Christmas Tour 2011

Posted on: December 28, 2011

Am I too late?  Are you over Christmas decorations already?  ‘Cause I’m kind of over Christmas decorations.  Mine will last through our last family Christmas celebration next weekend and then those babies are coming down!  But before they do, here is a quick tour of how I sprinkled Christmas throughout the main living areas of our home.

Let’s start with the entryway.  I hung a wire wreath form on the back of our front door and as Christmas cards arrived I clipped them to the wreath with clothespins.  I love Christmas cards and we’re blessed to receive about 100 of them every year.  Our “wreath” is overflowing!

The (still un-painted) card catalog in our entry holds a simple Christmas vignette.

I tucked some colorful ornaments into the silver wreath I bought at a thrift store after Christmas last year.  The personalized snowmen were a gift from my parents our first married Christmas.   The book is an old copy of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and came in a box of items my Grandmother gave me a few years ago.  The red and silver potpourri was a garage sale purchase about five years ago.  It used to smell like cinnamon but that’s long gone.  Now it’s just pretty!

On to the kitchen.  My Christmas decorating philosophy for this year was simple:

  1. Purchase oodles of ornaments on 80% off clearance last year.
  2. Put them everywhere.
  3. The end.

You guys know I love color in my regular decor and my taste in Christmas decor is no different.  I bought packages of lime green, aqua, white, black, silver, and red ornaments and mixed them all together in any container I could find.  Here is the kitchen hutch all glammed up with sparklies:

(Are you so, so tired of seeing this same shot every time the season changes?  You probably are.  Sorry.  I just love this piece.)


This kid-safe wooden nativity was on clearance for $5 last year at The Christmas Tree Shop.   James enjoyed playing with the little figurines and I didn’t have to worry about anything getting broken.

The table’s centerpiece was simple…just ornaments arranged in my favorite Pier 1 bowl and plopped on my Goodwill pedestal.

These colors make me smile:

The island centerpiece was also simple, consisting of the lighted Dayspring knock-off nativity I made a few years ago.

Let’s take a quick time-out.  See that beautiful shot above?  How clean and organized my counters look?  Did I mention we arrived home yesterday from a long weekend of travel with a van fuuuuull of Christmas stuff?  I’m just that good.

OR, this is the wide angle when I stepped back and zoomed out.  Lamps I salvaged from my Mom’s basement?  Check.  Packaging for our new coffee maker?  Check.  Computer, coffee, to-do list, tissue for one kid’s snotty nose?  Yup.  Pants on which I dripped wax at the Christmas Eve service?  Sigh.  Containers of leftover goodies, sink full of dishes from dinner, and a pile of mail to be sorted….in general, Christmas barf.  Feel better about yourself.  Just keepin’ it real.

Let’s move on.

The living room has our stockings hung by the fireplace and more ornament clusters.  Creative, I am.

The back half of the room (hi, new wall arrangement!) displays our ceramic nativity, a vase of poinsettias, and yet MORE ornaments sprinkled throughout the china cabinet.

Finally, the Reading Room.  This arrangement sits on top of the piano:

The jingle bell wreath was on clearance for $3 at Big Lots.  I hung it on the front of the mirror that usually lives in the entry with a 3M removable hook.

This little piece of artwork was a quick Christmas craft.  I covered the cardboard back of a 11×13 frame with wrapping paper then hot-glued on some sparkly snowflake ornaments.  I thought it turned out really cute!

More ornaments, this time arranged in a metal basket found at Goodwill.

Last stop, the Christmas tree.  Of course I didn’t think to take a picture before Christmas when the floor under and around the tree was absolutely covered in wrapped packages for our family, and friends, so instead you can marvel at how simple and frugal we are with our small pile of gifts. 😉

Hope your holidays were as sweet as ours!


3 Responses to "Christmas Tour 2011"


I have lots of comments….but then i got to the end and i saw your living room curtains. Guess what? I have stood and stared and touched and touched again that fabric at hobby lobby at least 700 times in the last year. I wanted to use it in my dinging room (but again…it’s not red anymore, and i keep forgetting.) or on my chairs, but opted not to. HOWEVER, I went back a few weeks ago and touched and stared at the blue version…i’m thinking i’m going to use it for a little garage sale stool in my entry way.

my other fabric that’s the same as yours is currently just jammed up on my valance rod until i find the time/motivation to actually sew it. I want to see yours!

and i forgot about your candle knock of nativity–fun to see that again! and your whole picture of your kitchen made me laugh. yes…..yes….parallel lives!

oh…and thanks for the heads up on last years nativity from CTS. I’ve been wanting to find one more set for the kids to play with (we have 2. and it’s kinda just sacreligious to let them fight over baby jesus). not that they’ll have them again this year…but i’m going to at least try!

Seriously? Seriously. I so wish I had gotten the blue version instead. I was thinking I wanted to bring red into the reading room when I got it but now I’ve changed my mind….and it was kinda pricey so I’m stuck. But I still love the pattern. Incredible.

haha! i know!

i like the red!!! I always liked the red version better than the blue…it’s just that i don’t have red in my house anymore…. but i love it so much i have to use it somewhere! So, I think you’re good. 🙂 you could always sew the blue onto the back…but it one panel-size at a time and make some reversibles that you can switch up on an as needed basis. 🙂

plus…i think the red goes nicely with the piano (is your piano in there still?)…that is unless you’re tempted to paint it like i’ve daydreamed about doing to mine (i never ever will because i actually like the color it is…but i’ve wondered how many people in the world have repainted their piano something amazing and what mine would look like if i painted it a different color (or two!). i might have to check on pinterst!)

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