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Dear Edison,

There you go, growing again. You turned eight months old while we were once again away from home, this time on a family vacation.  We spent a week at a lake house with some of your Dad’s and my oldest and dearest friends the Alleys.  I was initially concerned how this week might go, as all four members of our family would be sleeping in the same room and you wake in the wee hours of the morning for your first meal of the day with all the subtlety of an irritated rhinoceros.  Thankfully once your brother is asleep for the night the roof could come crashing down and he’d just roll over, so night times were much more restful for him than I thought they’d be.  You and I, however, got to spend a chunk of extra night time hours together, not resting.  It took you about sixteen hot seconds to realize that if you so much as peeped during the night I’d hop right up and come to you, and repeated peeping resulted in my offering you a midnight meal to lull you back to sleep.  By the last night we were there I fed you three times during our nighttime hours just to keep the quiet.  Stinker.

Not that I have a whole lot of room to complain about any extra eating on your part, as you are predictably on the small side.  It seems long and lean is the only format in which Caspers come.  You have started eating two solid meals per day consisting of oatmeal and whatever pureed mush I choose to spoon into your mouth.  Thus far the only flavor you’ve out and out rejected was green beans, otherwise you eagerly suck down anything I can run through a blender.  I will admit I feel just a teensy bit guilty as I give you spoonful after spoonful of pureed beets mixed with rice cereal and formula.  That combination has to taste like licking the bottom of a foot and yet I offer it to you with as much gusto as if I was treating you to a piece of chocolate cake.  And you, ever trusting in the wisdom of your mother, happily swallow it down.  I’m not naïve enough to think that this pattern will continue through your toddler years, in fact experience has taught me that the time will come when we’ll stand off over your consuming even those foods you love, but for now I’m enjoying the false confidence in my outstanding motherhood that leads you to happily consume mushed root vegetables.

Our week of vacation was H-O-T and we spent a significant amount of time in the pool and relaxing on the beach.  You were a huge fan of the pool, happily floating around in your inner tube until your fingers turned pruney.  Our biggest challenge was keeping your eager little hands from stuffing handfuls of beach into your mouth like you were moonlighting as a sandbag for a flood.  Turns out a queen size sheet is almost big enough to contain one fifteen pound baby who does not crawl.  Almost.  Oh well, if your colon ends up full of sand at least I wont have to worry so much about your weight.  And if we’re really lucky you’ll have consumed just enough to enable the Weeble effect….you’ll wobble but always pop right back up into that sitting position.

Our vacations may not be as relaxing as they were before your Dad and I had children, our time not as flexible and the number of books read considerably smaller.  But one thing your Dad and I love more than anything is being together as a family so a whole week away, together, is worth any inconvenience in disrupting our routines.  And adding you to our family eight months ago only gave us one more person to love spending every minute with.

Love,  Mama

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