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Better Late than Never: Laundry Room Finishing Touches

Posted on: May 27, 2011

Remember waaaaaay back when I redid the laundry room and I mentioned that I had one finishing touch I was still waiting on?  No?  That’s because it’s been ages.  A year I think.  Several months ago I finally found that missing piece and finished that final touch.  And then I didn’t blog about it for half a year.  Score one for me.

What I wanted was a way to tie the yellow, grey, and black colors all together.  I was looking for a fabric that used all the colors and kept striking out.  I finally found on on fabric.com and ordered the measly little 1/4 of a yard  I needed.

And here’s where I added it:

To “line” the underside of my shelves I cut cardboard rectangles that just fit the spaces.  I then wrapped my fabric around them and hot glued it on the back.  I used adhesive velcro strips to stick my fabric-wrapped panels to the underside of the shelves.  I love that you can see the little pops of color in an unexpected place.

I also added a little bit here:

That basket holds wooden clothes pins for the clothes line I no longer have, but some day hope to regain.

As one final touch I bought inexpensive but durable black mat from Menards.  It both grounds the room a little bit and catches all the junk that comes in on our shoes, from the garage.

NOW the laundry room is done.


2 Responses to "Better Late than Never: Laundry Room Finishing Touches"

I love it!!! 😀 That fabric is beautiful, and I love that you haven’t lost the fact that it has to be practical w/ the black (and perfect!) rug. I don’t think I ever would have thought to put the fabric on the top. FABULOUS!!

I love it Kristin. So cute. Love the fabric on the underside of the shelving. Great idea. Also really like the blue cabinets. And I wouldn’t consider it “late” because I still have a couple rooms left on my house!! 🙂

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