A Painted House

Excuses, excuses.

Posted on: April 25, 2011

I have a ton of ’em. 

  • I have a garage sale in three days to prepare for.
  • I have two letters to my boys, one for each, to write.
  • I have pictures to take of no less than five projects that have been completed.
  • I have projects to complete.
  • I have a three-year-old now who has turned on the attitude like none other.  Let’s just say adequately responding to it is keeping me….occupied.
  • I’m working on a design project for a client.
  • My baby has a dirty diaper.  Again.
  • My kitchen table is covered in stuff that needs to be put away.
  • It’s been nice outside two whole days out of the last week.
  • We celebrated Easter.
  • My biggest boy isn’t napping so well these days.
  • We’re potty training.
  • I have thank-you notes to write.

All reasons why this blog has been rather cricket-y lately.  I sincerely hope that will improve soon.  Now off to change that dirty diaper.


1 Response to "Excuses, excuses."

At least you picked the right thing to start with!

And I’m having the same problem on my blog (minus pics of completed projects and 3-year-old attitude, of course!)…

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