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Room Reveal: Half Bath

Posted on: March 30, 2011

I’ve finished another room!  It happens to be the smallest room in the house, but a room nonetheless.  The main level half bath is just off the foyer, so it’s one of the first spaces you see when you enter our house.   (Welcome to our home!  Aaaaand here’s our bathroom.)  So I wanted it to be decorated as much as any other room.  Here is where we started:

Builder’s grade oversized mirror, yellowy beige walls, no accessories of any kind.  Then when shopping at TJ Maxx with a Christmas gift card, I happened upon this bathroom rug.  My color scheme was born!

I also bought this matching hand towel….how cute are those little embroidered butterflies?

Here come the Befores and Afters!

I wanted the paint color to be dramatic, since it’s a small space.  So I matched the darkest gray in the rug to a Pittsburgh Paints color called Gibraltar Gray.

The builder’s grade mirror had to go.  After some searching I found this lovely brassy mirror on 66% off clearance at Hobby Lobby. It was originally $89.99 and I paid $29.99.  I gave it a coat of Adhesion Primer and then several coats of white and an accent color from Dutch Boy called College Park Green (though it’s actually an aqua, not green at all).

Before and After:

Remember this?  I told you it was destined for a makeover but I bet you never guessed it was meant for a bathroom!

Here it is now, repurposed as a magazine rack.

This bathroom is tiny and I was having trouble finding a solution for the magazines my husband piles in there that didn’t take up most of the floor space.  (Confession: I totally switched out most of his magazines for mine for these photos because, well, his are ugly.)  So I came up with the idea of a hanging magazine rack and put it on Travis’ To Do list.  Then I spotted whatever this thing is (Any guesses what it’s original use was?  I can’t come up with any) for $3.00 at Goodwill and I knew I could make it work.  Without having to wait six months for Travis to have time to make me one.  Patient I am not.  The best part is how little space it takes up in the room – look at that low profile!

For accessories I mostly “shopped the house”.   The vase on the vanity came with some flowers my sister sent me on my first Mother’s Day.  I kept it because I loved the color…and lo and behold it’s a perfect match.  The faux hydrangeas came from Hobby Lobby.

The little shelf used to be in our guest bath at the Whitehall house.  Now it displays tea cups from a set I pilfered from my friend Emily’s garage sale pile.  The color is perfect and you can’t beat the price!

It also holds an aqua glass pitcher that was a gift from one Shelly Alley several years ago and a little creamer I found at Goodwill.

So should you come visit me you might find 75% of my house somewhere on the spectrum of Unfinished, but my potty will be pretty!  The end.


10 Responses to "Room Reveal: Half Bath"

Nice pitcher. 😉 Was it filled with maple syrup?

Why yes, yes it was. Mmmm….maple syrup. It has since been filled with sand and now these pearly beady things. Still love it. 🙂

You are so creative! I love it!! 🙂

Wow- I love your decorating style!! Great job..especially with the stage of life you are in and how little sleep you are getting. Impressive!!

it looks fabulous! i love that deep gray color. i think my very favorite part, though is the mirror! it’s so perfectly chunky! and i love the white w/ aqua (green/aqua/green).

the part about “welcome to our house…and here’s our bathroom” made me laugh. i was JUST telling matt last night when I got home from a rare night out (zumba!! 1st time!), that it’s kinda strange that, when you pull directly into the driveway, you can look up and see directly into our main bathroom via C’s front-and-center bedroom window (if the shades are up & the lights are on.) Funny bathroom placements baffle me. Way to make your front-and-center room a beautiful one, too!!

Great job Kristin! Love the mirror makover and the magazine rack. Great job repurposing that. Perfect solution for the magazines. It always amazes me what paint can do for a room too. Changes the whole mood of the space. Another job well done.

unbelievable! love it!

A little gem of a room! Love that gray. My MIL has a gray bathroom. It is NOT what one would aspire for. Not at all. I had given up on gray until I saw this. You redeemed it for me.

they are saying that grey is the new brown!!

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