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Looky, looky at my new toy!

Posted on: March 10, 2011

Is it possible to have a crush on a room in your house?  ‘Cause I think I do.  I’m all googly-eyed over one particular space in our house.

Who wouldn’t be in love with this room?

I kid.

That’s the listing picture of our front sitting room, dubbed the Reading Room.  As you can see, it was probably ignored used for a lot of sitting by the previous owners.  Here’s what it looked like from right after we moved in until just a couple of weeks ago, complete with books piled in the corner.  Nine months of book piles.  Awesome.

And it wasn’t just the one side, we’re equal opportunity book pilers.

The day we walked through this house I told Travis that I’d like built-in book shelves in this room.  I could see them in my head and they were fantastic.  Almost exactly one year later, I had this:

Piles of melamine shelving in the dining room, free standing cabinets in the middle of the floor, new light fixtures strewn about, holes in the ceiling….ahh, bliss.  Oh, you don’t think that’s what I had in mind?  Yeah, me neither.  But  my extremely handy husband was dilligent and patient and accommodating and after living with ^ that ^ for a couple of weeks things began to come together.

But only because he had a lot of very important help.  It’s essential when undertaking a large construction project, to have someone close by who can hand you essential items like your green plastic ruler.

It’s especially helpful if your assistant comes with his own power tools and snazzy training pants.

And next thing you know, you have this:

BAM.  Mama is happy.  And just a little bit smitten with her very own Reading Room.

(We’ve since added hardware to the doors and drawers but I’m too lazy to take the pictures over again.  Plus the sun hasn’t been out once since the day I took these.  Humph.)

I spent two days shopping the house, digging through boxes of long-packed items, finding things I’d love to display, and re-arranging it until I liked what I saw.   It was ridiculously fun.

Some befores and afters?  I think so.

Sigh.  Love.


8 Responses to "Looky, looky at my new toy!"

Those look terrific, Kristin. You have such great vision and even better – a handy husband and son! Why are pullups always so dang cute???

another amazing project! it looks great!

Love the built-ins Kristin!! They really add a lot to the space.

Your built-ins look great – I can see why you adore them!! And nice accessorizing!

OKAY. you totally tricked me with the first picture. I was like…wait…what?! That doesn’t look like her style. 🙂

i LOVE the shelves! I bet you’ll never ever get sick of them! And I love that white jar/vase/lamp thingy that shows up all over your house.

and i LOVE James in his underwear.

She tricked me too, Jess!!^

Okay, so built-in bookshelves make me weak in the knees. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!

If you look reeaaaally closely, you might recognize the author’s name on a couple of those books. 😉

LOVE!!!! LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. How could you not? That’s so great…. and it makes the space look bigger, which is so cool!

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