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Coming Soon to Stores Near You

Posted on: February 4, 2011

Several months ago we asked for suggestions regarding Christian kids music for James.  LOTS of you suggested the Hide ‘Em In Your Heart CDs by Steve Green and I’m so glad you did.  They’ve been playing in our car pretty much ever since, to the point that James can sing along with most of the songs.  There’s something so pure in hearing your toddler’s sweet little voice singing from memory, the words God gave us to live by.  It makes me feel like we’re doing something right.

So a few mornings ago when I was feeding the baby in our bedroom before coming down for the day.  (Stay with me, I promise my abrupt change in subject does relate.)  Normally I get James setup in his chair with his breakfast before sitting down to nurse Edison, but this morning Edison was the hungrier of the two.  James, finding ways to amuse himself upstairs, opened my nightstand drawer and found two tubes of chapstick.  He can’t get the lids off without my help, so I let him play with them because it beats having to holler at him from my immobile state to TURN OFF THE WATER in the bathroom.  Anyway.

So while he played and I nursed, I asked him if he wanted to sing the Fruits of the Spirit song from the aforementioned CD.  (See?  I told you it would come back around.)  “Umm, ok!” he said and we sang together, “The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness.  The fruits of the Spirit are faithfulness, gentleness, and self control!”  He knows all the words by heart.  Melt MY heart.

Two days later I was once again feeding Edison before we came downstairs for the morning.  Ever one for repetition, James went to my nightstand looking for the chapsticks.  Only they weren’t there.  Immediately he turned to me and asked, “Where are the Fruits of the Spirit, Mama?   Want the Fruits of the Spirit.”


Yep, my two-year-old thinks chapstick is the Fruit of the Spirit.  Maybe we’re not making quite as much progres in his Spiritual Formation as I thought.

Either that or he’s inherited my marketing genes and he’s brilliant.  Coming soon to a Family Christian store near you, the Fruits of the Spirit chapstick line …..Lovely Lemon, Joyful JuJube, Peaceful Peach, Patient Pear, Kindness Kiwi, Goodness Grape, Faithful Fig,  Gentle Guava, and Self-Control Starfruit.

Collect all eight.


5 Responses to "Coming Soon to Stores Near You"

I am so glad you got Hide Em In Your Heart! I can’t wait for that to make an appearance in our lives, even if does result in some weird associations 😉 if it helps I still know most of the songs from when I was little and not any randomness. So hopefully he will remember the song and not the chapstick!!

that’s too funny. you might be on to something there with the fruit of the spirit chapstick! 🙂 what a great easter basket treat that would be! OR, a nice subtle way to tell someone they need to be a little less impatient!

i’ve never heard of hide em in your heart. i’ll have to look into that. we’ve had the 1980-something (full of crazy 80’s keyboards and synthesizers) critter county & the kids know the verses from that…but a new one would be nice!


Another music idea…
I love Seeds Family Worship: http://www.seedsfamilyworship.net/media/

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