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Behold, the Bullet List! Not to be confused with the Bucket List, which is actually meaningful and memorable.

Posted on: January 21, 2011

I think it’s time for my first bullet list of the new blog.  (For those new readers, bullet lists are my lazy way of stringing together a bunch of random information about our life and pretending it constitutes a real post.  Try it, it’s great.  You don’t even have to make real sentences with all those nouns and verbs and junk.)

  • I’m ready to break up with winter.  The relentless snow, being housebound because I can’t quite summon the wherewithall to schlepp two boys out in the elements, James having his second full-blown cold in as many months….
  • I.am.so.over.it.
  • And that kid really, really needs to stop wiping his snotty nose on the new couch. Or I might have to stuff tissues up there as a preventative measure.  Just sayin’.
  • Oh yeah, we got a new couch!  Post coming about that.
  • I really need to be done buying Christmas decor on super-duper-schmooper (thank you, Sid) clearance.  It’s kind of getting ridiculous.  But this is a much bigger house and when I got out the Christmas boxes this year I realized how little there was to spread around.  So I’ve been picking up things here and there for 50-80% off and building my inventory for next year.  Here’s hoping when I get it all out next year it actually comes together into some kind of cohesive holiday look and not like Christmas threw up all over my house.
  • Edison turns two months old tomorrow.  Which means I need to get writing another letter.  Where is time going, wasn’t he just born?
  • I’m afraid to admit it, but I’m kind of liking the new judges on American Idol.  I know, I know, I said I wasn’t giong to watch it this year after last year’s boringfest.  What of it?
  • But does anyone else get the feeling that the celebrities who judge these shows aren’t as nice in real life as they pretend to be when they’re on TV?   I bet when the cameras turn they treat people totally differently.
  • I’m undertaking two painting projects simultaneously, the upstairs and main floor bathrooms.  Why not just do one and finish it before starting the other?  I have no idea.  I tend to start projects when it sounds like fun and I’m excited about it, otherwise it’s just work.  And I’m really excited about painting both of the bathrooms.   I finally found a shower curtain I like for one and a bathroom rug I like for the other, which led to picking colors which led to me wearing my painting pants again.
  • Aaaaaand, it’s snowing again.  Gah.
  • I’ve been trying to find time to shove some regular exercise back into my life.   I have 8 pounds left to lose for my pre-Edison weight and 18 pounds left to lose to reach my pre-James weight.  But the aforementioned lack of regular napping is doing me in.  I made it a whole 5 minutes and 6 seconds on the exercise machine the other day before I had a fussy baby to tend to.  20 minutes and five more times of hopping off to deal with one child or the other, I gave up.
  • I’ve been somewhat more successful at fitting some quiet time with God back into my morning.  It’s by no means every morning yet, but at least half of the time I am able to settle both boys, retreat to my Reading Room chair, and spend at least a few minutes in my Bible.   It feels great.
  • Have I mentioned that I’m over winter?  I can’t wait to become reaquainted with our back yard.  I spent all of last summer growing increasingly pregnant so wasn’t able to do the running and climbing and playing with my boy that I’d like.  I’m so looking forward to this summer and my renewed mobility.

And there you have it, a random, nonsensical, bullet list update!  By the way, I can’t take credit for the genius that is the bullet list post.  That goes to Jess at These Grapefruit Spoons.  Check her out, she’s  fabulous and entertaining and one of those few people in life I wish lived right next door.


5 Responses to "Behold, the Bullet List! Not to be confused with the Bucket List, which is actually meaningful and memorable."

well. 🙂 that was sweet and unexpected.

i love sid ( i know. i’ve told you that 8000 times. Matt hates him). and super-duper-uper-schmooper is a very common adjective in our house.

i’m all done with winter, too. i’m ready to let this children run wild with the grass between their tosies!

i was surprisingly amused by the new AI idols too. i’m not ready to “commit” to the show just yet, but… maybe we can “date” casually. 🙂

ha, i just wrote “AI idols.” i meant “AI judges.” clearly.

Just love a bulleted list. Thanks. And I, too, am over winter. Mostly because it means walking over the mountain of snow clothes that have been cast off at the entry way.

Gail, go here, read this: http://www.rantsfrommommyland.com/2011/01/domestic-enemies-of-suburban-mom-winter.html

Especially the last point on the list. I have a feeling you can identify. 😉

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