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Me and Mr.Craig

Posted on: January 18, 2011

We’ve got a thing goin’ on.

So, I’ve been Craigslist-ing again.  I’ve been on a six-month search for a comfy chair for our front room.  You know, that room every house has so that it doesn’t look lopsided from the front, but no one actually uses?   I guess it’s intended as a formal sitting room but as we so rarely entertain the Pope, I’ve decided to claim it as my own Quiet Space.  Subtext: “The rest of you can go sit in the family room to behave like baboons. Out.”  I call it the Reading Room because I harbor buried hopes that someday I will once again have time to read something beside the dosing instructions for Children’s Tylenol,  the episode descriptions for fifteen segments of Sid the Science Kid while searching for the one specifically requested by my toddler, and my recipe for Macaroni Salad.

Anyway.   Back to my Quest for a Reading Room Chair.  When we moved in I put this too-small, not-comfy accent chair in my reading corner as a placeholder.  (You can see how I rehabbed that desk chair here.)

I shopped furniture stores andy noted that no way was I paying $279 for an “accent” chair sporting a loud, geometric print and which most of the time, came with no arms.  Nor was I willing to purchase something in the gingham/plaid recliner realm and attempt to recover it; a seamstress I am not.  And WHAT is with the current trend of purchasing (and apparently quickly evicting, per the number of craigslist ads) hugely overstuffed Michelin Man chairs which eat your whole room and in which one could permanently misplace their smaller-than-average toddler during an unfortunate bout of timeout?

So the search continued.  And finally, one week after Edison was born I happened upon a possibility.  Neutral color, classic shape, durable fabric…..and a pricetag of only $50.   Two emails and one day later I left the babies home with their Dad and went to inspect and hopefully cart home my prize.

Ta da!

AND it’s actually a recliner in disguise!


P.S.  The small side table and lamp came from The Christmas Tree Shop, purchased on Christmas Eve, of all times.  I’d been looking for both items for cheap for this room and happened upon them while getting some last minute stocking stuffers.  The table fit my list of desired qualities including a) a round table, b) that was black, c) didn’t take up a lot of floor space, and d) didn’t cost more than $20.  The fact that it was the last one didn’t stop me from taking it right down off of the shelf, sticking it in my cart, and toting it up front to ask if I could buy the display model.

The lamp was on clearance for $7 and I loved the idea of adding a little sparkle to the room.  Isn’t she adorable?

I cannot wait to show you the finished room, the picture in my head is awesome!


4 Responses to "Me and Mr.Craig"

a) now i have a favorite but forgotten nichole C. mullen song in my head. thanks!!
b) it’s a beautiful…perfectly puffy…not too puffy…favulous color…GREAT PRICE CHAIR!! WOW!
c) that lamp was only SEVEN dollars?!? I love it.
d) i’m so glad you posted a blog cause i’ve been (patiently) waiting for you to post again.
e) I actually got on facebook yesterday to write on your wall and ask you how things are going. however, i never did it. I must have typed the address, got there, and forgot why i was there by the time the page loaded. but i did think about you! just so you know.

Wow! What a find for $50!! It looks so comfy and perfect for a reading chair! Can’t wait to see the finished room!

what a great find for 50 bucks!! you are so good at deal shopping!

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