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Room Reveal: The Play Room

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Note:  This is a repost from my former blog, for the sake of archiving all home-related projects.  Original publish date:  September 13, 2010.

The play room is done!  And I L-O-V-E it. 

It’s a good thing my husband loves me because all three rooms we’ve tackled in this house have involved power tools, patience, and many, many steps to complete.  None of which I’m particularly skilled at all by myself.  Equally impressive is that I tend to “design” a room concept all in my head, in its entirety, before he even knows that it’s our next project.  So while I see what I want the room to look like in my head before we start, right down to the details, he only has my descriptions and littany of requests to work from.  And so far all three have ended up looking exactly like my mental picture thanks to his careful questioning and patiently waiting for me to just.make.up.my.mind about stuff.  Anyway, it’s finished and I want to just sit in there and stare at it because it makes me so happy.  It’s a good thing I get about 15 requests per day to, “Mama to play in the playroom with James?  OK!” 

So here’s a reminder of where we started:

Play Room 6.14 (4)

After a bit of organization:

Play Room 6.14 (6)

And what it really looked like on any given day:

Play Room 7.14 (1)

* Shiver *

Once we found out we were having a second boy, and thus won’t be needing to accommodate little girl toys anytime soon, I decided to go all-out boy in this room. The idea for the color scheme started with this:

Play Room 9.10 (15) (2)

That’s one of James’ blocks.  The little dots are actually purple, though I had intended to go with grey instead.  And then while searching for baby bedding online I came across this fabric from Target:

Product Image DwellStudio® for Target® Space Crib Set

The PLAY artwork was made by cutting the crib sheet into four rectangles and then stretching it over foam board, found in the kids artwork section of Wal-Mart for $2.59 per sheet.  I cut each sheet in half and hot glued the two pieces together to make a thicker surface.

Play Room 9.10 (7) (2)

Play Room 9.10 (20) (2)

 I bought the oversized letters at Hobby Lobby for $1.17 each and painted them with brown craft paint left over from some other project.  Travis cut the same white moulding as the chalkboard to make custom frames for them and then attached them to the wall with his nail gun.

Play Room 9.10 (14) (2)

The next step was to put up chair railing as the divider between the two colors, and finally Travis put up crown moulding to finish off the ceilings.  This is what took most of the time, as I had to paint the moulding, wait for him to have time to cut and install it, caulk all the nail holes, and touch up the paint.  But it looks awesome.

I recycled the white curtians that used to hang in our orange bedroom by re-threading them with new ribbon in the blue, green, and brown:

DSC_0239   Play Room 9.10 (18) (2) Play Room 9.10 (13) (2)

The little matching toy box I bought at a garage sale for $3.  I removed the ball decals on the front, patched the holes, and gave the outside a fresh coat of paint.  The top took several coats of green to cover up that wierd playing field/score board thingy.  I cut extra fabric from the crib sheet to size and replaced the red plastic “netting”.  How it’s a storage space for balls, stuffed animals, and other ungainly toys that have the audacity not to fit into the new storage unit.


 Play Room 9.10 (9) (2)

This storage unit, which makes me so happy it’s ridiculous. 

Play Room 9.10 (1) (2)

The unit itself was on sale at Menards for $30 and the baskets were at Target for around $6 each.  I love that there are designated baskets for Cars and Trucks, Play Food, Instruments and Noise Makers, and Trains.  Sure beats our previous system of Rubbermaid totes overflowing with a mishmash of toys.

My final purchase for the play room was a table and chairs.  I wanted a place where James and his friends can sit for snacks, to color, or to do puzzles.  I also had a very small budget.  I looked all over for a cute, affordable set and everything was stinkin’ expensive or the wrong shape or came with cartoon characters all over it.  I’m not into cartoon characters.  Then a friend and I took a road trip to IKEA.  They had an all-white wooden child’s table and chairs set that would have run me $63……and they also had white end tables for $7.99 and green plastic stools for $6.99.

Play Room 9.10 (16) (2)

I give you my (washable!) $29 table and chairs set.  That right there was worth the trip.

And thus, the play room is finished.  It looks exactly like the finished product I saw in my head and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Play Room 9.10 (2) (2)   

It makes me happy to be in there.


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