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Room Reveal: The Laundry Room

Posted on: January 5, 2011

 Note:  This is a repost from my former blog, for the sake of archiving all home-related projects.  Original publish date:  August 20, 2010.

Remember waaaay back three months ago when we moved in, the very first decor-related thing we did was to redecorate the laundry room out of necessity?   No?  See:  this post.  And remember how I’ve been promising you ever since that I’d show you pictures when it was done?  The thing holding up this post is apparently impossible to find: a yard of fabric that incorporates all three colors in my new laundry room.  One.single.yard.  But it seems I’ve chosen a color combination that which is growing in popularity these days, has not yet reached the fabric designers of the world.  So then I went to scrapbook paper as an alternative…..only to strike out there, too.

So I give up, I’m calling it done.  Should said fabric or decorative paper ever appear on a retail shelf or online, I’ll come back and show you were I want to use it.  In the mean time, the laundry room:

Here’s where we started. Builder’s grade honey-colored cabinets, wire shelf, empty spot where the new washer and dryer would live….

DSC_0029 (2) DSC_0031 (2)

….empty white corner where the tallest, largest cabinet known to mankind was sitting and white wall behind it where they didn’t paint.  I wish I’d remembered to take a picture before we took out the huge cabinet so you could see how imposing this thing was.  Oh, and four different tries at matching the beige walls with the paint left in the basement.  Awesome.

DSC_0030 (2)   

P.S.  It’s hard to take good pictures in a teeny room with no windows. I stood in the garage for most of these shots.  Anyway.

Here’s where we ended up:



First I painted the walls Sherwin Williams’ Optimistic Yellow and the cabinets SW’s Passive grey.  Travis built me a new shelf that ran the whole length of the room.  Next I asked Travis to build me in a shelf unit on the right side, where the cabinet used to be.  The final touch was crown moulding on the top, all painted to look like one custom piece:

DSC_0058 (2) DSC_0085

I wasn’t happy with the grey color at first, as it read blue-ish to me next to the yellow.  Makes sense, as blue and yellow are complimentary colors, but it was not the look I was going for.  I figured out that the problem was the old cabinet nobs, which were brushed nickel.  Up next to that steely color, my cabinets were reading blue.  I found these guys with their cute grey detail at Menards for $2.50 each, and problem solved!


I accessorized it with black and white items and photos.  The white basket on the ledge has clothes pins it and the black box contains dryer sheets.  The wall shelves have a white birdhouse left over from a floral arrangement I received when James was born, a B&W photo of Travis and I at the beach, and a glass jar of sand from my 21st birthday on the Jersey Shore. 


On the little bit of floor space between the washer and the wall, I keep two trash cans.  One for dryer lint and used fabric softener sheets and the other to hold items to be washed with the next load.  I didn’t see the sense in carting dirty socks and kitchen towels up to the second floor laundry baskets when they’d just have to come back down again. 


The coat rack was hanging on the opposite wall  next to the garage when we moved in.  However I didn’t like hanging purses and coats there because it often obstructed the garage door opening and took up valuable space in a small room.  So I moved it to the opposite wall for hanging damp items that won’t be immediately washed: swimsuits, dish rags, clothes that have recently been puked on and rinsed out (oh wait, that’s probably just our house).

There you have it, our new laundry room!   I like that it has its own sassy little personality instead of just being a pass-through on the way to the garage.  Guess it probably helps that laundry is my favorite chore!


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