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Room Reveal: James’ Big Boy Room

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Note:  This is a repost from my former blog, for the sake of archiving all home-related projects.  Original publish date:  August 25, 2010.

James’ room was the first bedroom in the new house to get a makeover, mostly because it’s the only room in which I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  It, like six other rooms in our house, was painted blue.

This is James’ room in the listing.  I love how we’ve taken a break from the pale perriwinkle color in every other bedroom to substitue in a SHOCKING NEON alternative.  In a shiny paint, no less.  This room was formerly occupied by a little girl.

Bedroom 3 (1)

And here it is now:

James' Room 8.24 (4)

(Yes, I fully see the irony that the one bedroom we’ve redone, we painted….blue.)

Bedroom 3 (2)  James' Room 8.24 (12)

Some of you may remember James’ wall of squares in the old house.  I really loved the look and decided to recreate it in this house.  But I wanted to take it up a notch and conceived this ridiculous idea to add crown moulding all around the room and then frame out each square in white cove moulding to give it an architectural element.

James' Room 8.24 (3)

My husband just shook his head and started calculating dimensions.  Love that man.

James' Room 8.24 (9)   James' Room 8.24 (10)

That project was what took so long to finish this room.  Planning, buying, cutting, installing, caulking, painting…..it was a lot of work.  But I LOVE how it turned out, the colors and contrast with the white just pops off of the wall.  We also added a beadboard ceiling fan which you can’t see in the photos.

I painted this sad little bench, which was all of $.25 at a garage sale last summer.  Travis thought I was absolutely nuts for bringing it home.  But it’s darling as a side table for his rocking chair (see above photo) and holds his favorite bedtime books in easy reach.  For a quarter!

Garage Sale Finds

I still need to add some wall art, but for the most part, my big boy’s room is finished!


3 Responses to "Room Reveal: James’ Big Boy Room"

Thanks so much for sending me the link to your little guy’s room! That square wall is so neat! I love your idea of adding architectural detail. And I’m with you – that bench is perfect! Good for you for seeing its potential. 🙂

[…] room was the first room to get a makeover after our move (see: Room Reveal: James’ Room) and is one of my favorites in our house.   Not too long ago our little boy transitioned from a […]

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