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Piles of Puzzles, No More

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Note:  This is a repost from my former blog, for the sake of archiving all home-related projects.  Original publish date:  June 15, 2010.

Way back before Christmas I requested that James’ big handmade gift from my parents be a puzzle organizer.  I know, not that thrilling for a kid, but James was only 18 months old and didn’t know any better.  But because of the size of our last house, his puzzle keeper has had to live at my parents’ house until this past weekend when we visited.  I was super excited to bring it home because this has been driving me bonkers for months, both in this house and the last:


A messy stack of oversized books and a tote full of puzzles, pieces, flashcards, and general mess. I’m SO.TIRED. of stepping on pieces, tripping over the pile, and shoveling it all back into a corner everyday.

(And since I promised house pictures, here is a shot of our play room.  It was intended to be an office on the main floor, but as it’s the only room with double doors, it’s become the Toy Hiding Place.  Yes, that is the color of my old kitchen.  No, we didn’t paint it that color and no, it’s not staying.  I have two color schemes in mind, depending on whether we’re having another boy or if it will be shared between brother and sister.)


Anywhoo….puzzle mess.  Enter, the puzzle keeper (hi, James in his pajamas at 10 a.m.!):


I love this thing! It holds all his oversized and activity books, puzzles, art stuff, and flashcards.  It’s restored much order to our play room already in it’s short reign.  See?


Don’t you wish you had such a magic piece of furniture that could create order out of such chaos?


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[…] picture overload:        (P.S. You can read about our puzzle keeper and where it came from here) I started by painting the lower 2/3 of the walls 3 coats of SW’s Dignity Blue and the top […]

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