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Room Reveal: Edison’s Nursery

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Note:  This is a repost from my former blog, for the sake of archiving all home-related projects.  Original publish date:  November 21, 2010.


Since we’re still waiting on the baby (repeating to myself: Iwillbepatient, Iwillbepatient, I.will.be.patient.), let’s look at some pictures of his room!  I finished the (next to) last detail yesterday when I hung his curtains.  The last detail is his name, which is waiting until after his arrival.  So here we go,with some befores and afters.

These are the photos from the listing:

Bedroom 2 (1)

Bedroom 2 (2)

And now:

Nursery 11.21 (12)

Nursery 11.21 (3)

Nursery 11.21 (8)

We started off by painting one wall in Sherwin Williams’ Creamy, an oatmeal color, and the other three in SW’s Melange Green.  It took me for-ev-er to pick the right shade of limey, leafy, not-too-bright green that matched the set but didn’t clash with the seven other green colors in his quilt and curtains.

The tree mural was inspired by a photo I found online of an expensive vinyl wall cling.  There was just no way I was paying $80 for it, plus I wasn’t sure I could even get it in the right colors.  So I printed off a picture as a reference, created a stencil for the leaves from a clipart football and Photoshop, sketched the design up on the wall, and went to town with some paint.  Did you know that you can get 7 oz. sample sizes of custom color paint at Lowes for $2.94 each?  Now you do!  I got one each in red, orange, dark green, and brown and used just a fraction of each sample jar.  The light green is the same as the wall color on the other three walls.

Nursery 11.21 (18)

Nursery 11.21 (19)

Yes, it took eleventy-seven coats of paint on each and every leaf.  But I think it was worth it.

His bedding:

Nursery 11.21 (1)

I wanted something drastically different than James’ geometric airplane and helicopter room and hoped to find something where the main color was green instead of blue.  My other requirement was that it be more “boy” and not “baby”.   The only reason I justify spending the money on a matching set is because it can grow with the kid well into the toddler/young boy stage. We happend upon this set on super duper clearance at Babies R Us and I  immediately loved the colors and the organic theme.

The wall art was purely a lucky find.  I was in the wooden letters aisle of Hobby Lobby picking up the letters for the baby’s name and happened upon these adorable wooden animals that were in the perfect colors for our room.  I framed some matching scrapbook paper, stuck the animals to the outside of the frames with foam tape for some dimension, and voila!  Each one cost $1.99, I already had the frames and the paper, so this is a $6 arrangement:

Nursery 11.21 (14)

Nursery 11.21 (16)

The end table started out looking like this:

End Table Before (1)

It was a whopping $4.95 at St. Vincent de Paul several months ago, and I couldn’t pass it up.  I had a feeling I’d find a place for it and sure enough, the ahem, “woodsy” aesthetic ended up being just perfect for our animal themed room.

After a few coats of leftover mural paint, it turned into this:

Nursery 11.21 (17)

Price breakdown:

  • The bedding set was $70 including the extra window valance.
  • The end table was $5 and the white tray was $6.
  • The tab curtains are from IKEA and were $30 for both sets.
  • The rocker glider came from Craig’s List and was $40.
  • The dresser was a garage sale find that my friend Emily was sweet enough to lend me the cash for on short notice earlier this summer, and was $50.
  • His name letters that aren’t up yet were $6.
  • Crown moulding was about $50.
  • Crib was a gift, made by my Dad when James was born.
  • Paint (with tons left over but I’ll count it all anyways) $60
  • Total for the room:  $317

Now COME ON, Peep, we’re ready!


1 Response to "Room Reveal: Edison’s Nursery"

Love what you did in Edison’s room, Kristin. So cute. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tree mural. Oh, did I mention I love the tree mural? I DOOOO!!! Great job on everything!

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