A Painted House

A Hard Fought Battle

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Note:  This is a repost from my former blog, for the sake of archiving all home-related projects.  Original publish date:  September 29, 2010.

Part of my plan for our new bedroom includes a completely impractical sitting area.  I mean, who really sits for long periods of time in their bedroom?  But I love the look of a sitting area in a master bedroom, a place where we can read before bed, sit down to put on our shoes, toss our dirty clothes instead of the hamper.  But because of said impracticality I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the furniture.  So when I found a pair of IKEA chairs I’d been eyeing since last month’s roadtrip for less than $100 a piece on Craigslist, I jumped on them. 

And then I heard nothing back. 

So I emailed again.  Nada.  I called the number listed and left a voicemail.  Three days, no return call.  Then finally a week after the first posting the chairs were re-listed as being available at a garage sale the next weekend, first come first serve.  So I did something I’ve never done before: I showed up early to a garage sale.  Ok, so “early” meant a few minutes before 9 and James had  I’d been up for well over an hour, but whatever. 

When I pulled up there were already a handful of people shopping the sale but my chairs were still there!  I quickly checked out the condition and whether or not they had any funny smells going on, and told the seller I’d take them.  Except there was a lady who had gotten there first and was on her phone, debating whether she wanted them.  I deferred to her, after all fair is fair, but she said if I wanted them to go ahead, she was indecisive.  I handed the guy cash.

Three minutes later I drove away with my new chairs in perfect condition other than a small coffee stain and a serious need for some vacuuming.  Some spot shot stain treater and 10 minutes with the vacuum and they look brand new.   AND they came with throw new throw pillows that match our bedding! 



All though they do look pretty good in my empty dining room, otherwise known as The Room Where All Displaced Furniture Lives…..hmmm.


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