A Painted House

A Casualty of the Move

Posted on: January 5, 2011

Note:  This is a repost from my former blog, for the sake of archiving all home-related projects.  Original publish date:  June 5, 2010.

Many of you have hounded asked me about the painting project to which I eluded earlier this week.  I will come right out at the beginning and say that I don’t have pictures for you yet because the project is still in progress, but I will soon.  Please don’t eat me.

So what are we painting?

Well, it all started with my nemesis our washer and dryer which were equal parts helpful and obnoxious.  The dryer being the helpful one, and the washer obnoxious, in case you were wondering. We tried to leave them behind when we moved, but they refused to be abandoned.  The buyer of the old house did not want because she had her own, and the sellers of the new house took theirs with them when they moved.  So, despite the washer’s crankiness and inability to run an entire cycle without being restarted four times, they made the move with us.

Unfortunately when we got here and Travis tried to hook the dryer up, he realized that the detail-deficient previous owners failed to install a high enough voltage electric line in the laundry room to power an electric dryer.  And after almost a week of attempts to circumvent this problem he decided we’d have to bite the bullet and invite an electrician out to rewire the laundry room. 

In the mean time we decided to hook up the washer, which could be run on the existing outlet, so that we might at least have clean, if wet, underpants.  Unfortunately when it was hooked up and we turned on the rinse cycle as a test, the washer gave us both a figurative and literal wet willy and immediately dumped all that water onto the laundry room floor.  What is it with us and floods in new houses?  Thankfully it was a small amount of water this time and was cleaned up quickly. 

However we were now stuck with a broken washer and a working dryer that could not be plugged in.  Awesome.  So we spent Memorial Day morning shopping the appliance sales and by day’s end had bought ourselves a spankin’ new set of working appliances.  They’re not fancy stackables or front-loading, they don’t have enough dials to power a nuclear reactor, and they don’t use four drops of water to clean an entire load of towels, but they do just what we need them to do – wash and dry.  Underpants, if you please.

When Travis got home from purchasing said appliances he regretted to inform me that they would not be arriving until Saturday.  It was only Monday.  And by my math there were not enough pairs of underoos left to bridge the gap.  Thankfully we have very good friends who don’t mind lending their washer for an emergency load of skivvies. 

As the new set were wider than the old, we had to remove one very tall storage cabinet from the laundry room and put it in the garage instead.  When we moved the cabinet we found that Mr. and Mrs. Cuts Corners had just painted around it instead of behind it, and we were left with a big white corner of wall.  No problem, I reasoned, there are about sixty-four gallons of paint in the basement; I’ll just find the one that matches and touch it up. 

Four different colors of beige paint later, I did not have a match.  It seems the exact laundry room color does not exist in this house, other than on those walls.  Oh for crying out loud.  So, my rational, logical thought was, “FINE.  I’ll just pick a color, any color, and we’ll paint the whole STINKIN’ room and be done with it.”

And that’s how my laundry room became the very first room to be painted in the new house. The color we picked?  It’s called “Optimistic Yellow.”  Go figure.


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